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Meal Escape

A 3d survival/platformer/runner based on physics. Our meals have to escape from restaurant creating chaos. · By Cosmito Games


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Physics test on Meal Escape's Prototype
We want to show you a preview of how physics works in Meal Escape. That's the prototype!! Thanks for your support.
The procedural textures that we made for the game
Hi, We give you the delivery of our WIP's new procedural textures. Soon you will have a look of this in game. Cheers
The diner behaviour
This is the key behaviour of diners. Like the classic board game “Chutes and Ladders”, depending on where you step you can advance or delay your position.
Concept arts of Meals' life
These are three spin offs (and more to come) of the life of our meals. They have a life after the game over... :)
Our first post
Hi people of, this is my first experience showing our first game, Meal Escape - A runner game based on physics. I hope to make you fun with our staff...